"After a horrific and near fatal car accident, many weeks/months of recovery and
physical therapy I began working with Sandy.  She brings not just a full and
encompassing knowledge of the physical body and what each body needs, but a
great compassion and understanding of the mind/body/spirit connection.  She
takes the time to find you where you are and work with you for true healing.  Her
gifts are real.  Her knowledge is extensive.  She teaches as she works to get you to
full health.  She creates a safe place for her clients to ask questions, and supports
you through practice, knowledge and genuine care on all levels of health.  I cannot
recommend her highly enough.  She will be a part of my ongoing health
development for as long as it takes to regain what was lost in this accident.  With
Sandy's knowledge and guidance, I believe I can find what I need to have a
complete physical life again."

                                                     Susan Young

"We visited Sandy about a year ago to get nutritional advice and her insight to
healthy living in general.  Her therapeutic sensitivity and knowledge was very
helpful.  She not only provided dietary direction, but, as a top notch fitness
instructor, she assisted with the proper type exercise regimen.  We found this
holistic approach resulted in some pretty positive results for both of us and we
whole-heartily recommend her "complete wellness" approach.  She's the best!"

                                                     Macyn and Carolyn Bolt