Being a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor for over
15 years, I have learned that exercise truly is the most
important thing you can do to maintain youth, mental
clarity and over-all good health.  As I'm getting older
and now relying more on wisdom, I am also learning that
the type of exercise that one does needs to evolve in
order to honor the changes we go through as we age.  I
know I can't use the same workout I did when I was in
my 20's and 30's now that I'm inching towards 45!  This
knowledge is so valuable because now I can share this
experience with my clients.  Change is inevitable.  There is
no use fighting it but you can't give up on yourself,
either.  As cliche' as it sounds, you really do have to
move it or you really will lose it!
Trainings are available through
Damien Roche Fitness Center
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