Eat LOTS of organic, raw vegetables and fruits.  Lightly steaming certain
veggies is ok, but you want to preserve the enzymes and nutrients in the
veggies as much as possible.  Enzymes are found in "live foods" such as raw
veggies and fruits, which help with digestion instead of forcing the body's
own digestive enzyme's to carry the whole load. This helps us absorb the
nutrients but if the food is over cooked or processed, then the nutrients are

Americans eat way too much DEAD FOOD.  What is DEAD FOOD?
Processed crap such as white sugar, pasta, cookies, candy, cake, etc.  
Anything that comes in a package, wrapper, can or box.  Our bodies are not
designed to deal with an overabundance of these products, which is why it
eventually results in diseases such as  diabetes,  heart disease, crohn's disease
and other digestive issues like acid reflux.  Of course, the scariest and most
talked about disease of all...cancer, cancer, CANCER!     

There are so many "diet" plans out there.  As a nutritionist, how can I
compete with the enormous amount of resources that's available and FREE
at the comfort of your own computer?  But let me ask you this:  Does your
computer sit in front of you as a PERSON and listen to your struggles and
concerns? Meeting with someone face to face is far different than consulting
a computer screen.

Everyone has unique needs.  No one is the same! We need to actually learn
about food, not another "diet", as well as our physical and psychological
relationship with food. Nutrition does not need to be overwhelming.  Start
with small changes and progress from there!

A food diary must be kept at least a week before your appointment so I can
help you pin point your issues and make easy suggestions.
Per hour $70.00
Follow up $60.00